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Name Greg Hatzenbuhler
Club Spokebenders MC
Years Raced 1971-1987
Desert Racing Highlights In my early years, I made the photo man's crash board twice.
Bike(s) Raced 1971 Honda SL100, 1974 DKW 100, 1976 RM100,1977 RM125, 1980 PE175, 1984 Husky 500XC, 1987 YZ250
Class(es) Raced Trailbike, Lightweight Division 2, Division 1, and Heavyweight
Lowest D37 Number Held 1975: first quarter standings was at 9, ended year at 29T
Current Residence Brea, CA
Current Hobbies Mountain biking, Sea Doos, and World War 2 aviation.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate Trail riding and dual sporting (like an old man) on a XR400
Comments I consider myself luck to have been racing at a time when Check Chase, Barstow to Vegas, and the like were possible. I had a lot good times with good friends desert racing.

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