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Name Frank DeMarco
Club SoCal MC
Years Raced 1974-1992
Desert Racing Highlights Just the many weekends racing neck and neck with my friend Jim Strachan (also of So Cal MC). We weren't the fastest guys out there, but I think we had the most fun!
Bike(s) Raced 71 Husky 400, 73 Yamaha MX 360, 76 Yamaha YZ 175, 78 Yamaha YZ 125, 82 Yamaha IT 175.
Class(es) Raced Open Novice, Lightweight Div II Novice, Vet Div I Novice.
Lowest D37 Number Held 97c 1978 & V80x 1982.
Current Residence Hazel Green, AL
Current Hobbies RC cars, shooting & hunting, attempting to play the guitar and harmonica, photography.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate 96 Honda CR250 for Motocross, also a 93 Honda XR250R for woods riding.  1979 DT125 for my wife and daughters.  2000 CR80 for my son for Motocross.

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