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Greg Ekins


Victors MC


69' Hodaka 100, 70' H-D Baja 100, 71' Bultaco 360 Montadero, 72' Bultaco 250 Alpina, 73' Bultaco 325 Pursang, Bultaco 250 Pursang Mk6

100cc, 250cc, Open, Enduro "A"

#9 Enduro Plate 1973

Reno, Nevada

Prospecting, mostly for gold


I have a Honda 450 ATV that is useful for roaming around the desert.

My first trophy was my first race at the Pondersoa Ranch in 1969, my uncle Bud Ekins won it, I was 14 years old and came in 35th trail. I think my dad Dave Ekins came in 5th.

In 1972 I went to England and raced motocross, best finish was 3rd in class, I was going for the lead when I took a line through an English mud bog and dropped to third.

Later in 1972 I went
to Spain and worked at the Bultaco factory in Barcelona, a world points English Trials Event came on the calendar, the Bultaco factory loaned me a works Sherpa T. I was totally outclassed by the worlds best in the feet up riding style, but I did finish the 3 day event in the Pyrenees. I also learned how to ride up a concave mossy slimmy waterfall, they gave me the "Bravest Competitor Trophy". As the only "yankee" the trophy girl gave me a big kiss. The Spainards wanted an encore, so we kissed several more times, she was gorgeous and I was 17.

In the 1973 Greenhorn I lost 7 points on Saturday and 1 point on Sunday. Came in 3rd overall as I recall. My last race was the 1976 Shamrock Two Day Qualifier, I had not raced in over a year because of injuries, my Mk 6 Pursang was 4 years old, I was on a Gold Medal Pace until my handle bars broke. Finished on a Bronze medal. My special test times were fast enough for the gold, that was my last race, I retired at the old age of 21.

I would like to thank the members of the Shamrocks M/C who pitted for the Harley Davidson Enduro Team and the Bultaco Enduro Team during numerous Greenhorn Enduro's. The success of those teams was in large part due to having a pit crew.