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Desert Racing Highlights

Dean Taylor


Lost Coyotes, So Cal

1971 to 1995

Hodaka Super Rat, Yamaha 125, Factory Montesa (moto-cross), Honda CR500, Yamaha WR426, and more...

Vet Exp, Sr. Exp

V8 in the early 90's

Quartz Hill, CA

Flying, water skiing, snow


Trying to make a comeback! Racing mx right now and have set my sites on winning the Sr class at Mammoth. Just bought a CRF450 to go along with my CR250R. Ride at LACR, Edwards, Adelanto GP, Big 6 GPs, Mammoth (as long as they still have it). Anything different..

Rode the last B-2-V in 1989. Spent many a Sunday at the Ponderosa (remember those whoops?) Hate the Check Chase!!