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Dave Riley


Victors MC, Sled Riders MC, and currently with Invaders MC

1969 to1974, and 1985, 1986 and 2002 to present. (DRA & CRC 77-80)

Hodaka 90, Yamaha 125(1970), 250 Husky(1971), Husky 400(1974) Yamaha 400(1978), Yamaha 490(1985), Yamaha 426F (2002 to Present).

Trail bike, 125(C), 250, Open, Senior Open Expert(presently)

Lowest, #037 (2004) Highest, #606mx (1971)

Riverside, CA.

Work and restoring old Motorcycles, (Just completed a 1973 400CR Husky).


YZ 426F Yamaha, District 37 Senior Open Expert with the Invaders MC

Just remember all the great people I've met over the years. Highlights would be going down So. Cal Hill at age 14, My first trophy at the Buzzards H.S 1970, and many More.

I am currently looking for all the old Victors, to say hi and get more info for the Banners Up Site. Also My dad who raced district 1963 to 1974 would love to get in contact with Gary Conrad or any of the Greeves racing team from 1964 or 65, E mail me any contact info,...Thanks Dave