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Name Dennis Peterson
Club Checkers MC - there's another one??
Years Raced Early 1970's
Desert Racing Highlights Couldn't race - I ran the pit for the Checkers for several years while I recovered from injuries. Highlights ... oh man. Watching the Brooks brothers, Mitch Mayes, Larry Pfitzenreuter, JN, Thor, Poteet, Whitey, Checkers campfires on Saturday nights, banging across the desert in my old brown Chevy PU with 60 gallons of gas in the rear (shudder!). Watching JN Roberts come into pit first and me sending Rich Thorwaldson out first! - Every week! hehe. Standing dead set in the path of the pitting Checkers - brakes locked and sliding, me grabing the cross bar to stop them - no flinching, 3-seconds ... pit helpers working like machines: Cap comes off, I dump two gallons of gas, crotcch rags ready for a spill, cap goes on, water delivered and gog's wiped off - they're gone. Damn, I can still smell the dust. Good people to run with. Anyone know the whereabouts of Checkers from that time? I've seen Thor and Fishback (not a Checker but a cool dude) on TV and some movies JN was in as well as Steve Halliday. And I have a secret to share: we really did mark the courses with aspirins dropped from a helicopter! I helped Dale Rhea (Sled Riders) lay out a race in the real desert, not these RV parks y'alls run in now - oh the deviousness of it all. Alice Rhea was the Cycle News photog and writer for D-37. They both live in the PNWet too. Alice wrote a book about cats - look it up on amazon. Well, this is what you get when you get me started!
Bike(s) Raced Yamaha 360
Current Residence Bellevue, WA
Current Hobbies Did flying for a while, moved to the Pacific North Wet and developed a nice green patina of moss. Now I mostly write articles about scoots (www.soundrider,com) and tour on my Harley. I also work on a charitable web site for a downed brother at - check it out.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate I ride a Harley Road King now - try to get in about 10,000 miles/year. I'm pretty frequent poster in Usenet, wrote a story about one of my rides for Thunder Press, have some others on my own website.
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