Name Dave Bushbump Petersen
Club Invaders MC
Years Raced 1969-1975
Desert Racing Highlights Racing as a Novice on my '69 Pursang and catching up to the Amateur/Experts.  Those guys didn't like to be passed by a Novice!  Also racing against Alan Thomas of the Checkers.  We were the fastest Novices in 1970.
Bike(s) Raced 1969 250 Pursang AND 1972 250 Pursang
Class(es) Raced 250 Novice, Amateur, Expert
Lowest D37 Number Held 7x in 1972 (I think)
Current Residence Riverside, CA
Current Hobbies Collecting motorcycles.  My neighbor, Middy Boggio (also an Invader), and I have the Midsonian motorcycle museum in Riverside.  We have a very nice collection of vintage dirt bikes plus numerous Triumphs and BSAs.
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes
If yes, elaborate I still love to ride in the desert with my old Invader buddies.  I also ride dual sport on an XR440 with a web cam and bigger head pipe.  It's as fast as my friend's stock early WR400.
Comments My best friends are guys I raced with almost 30 years ago.  Considering a lot of people don't have many long time friends, I consider myself to be very lucky.

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