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Doug Leach


Swing Arm Desert Mc

1966 - 1970

Yamaha 80, Motobeta, Penton 125, Bultaco Camperra, Rickman Metisse

100cc., 125cc., 250cc

#36 (motocross)

La Puente Ca.

Build and show Kustom cars. (have '57 ranchero & '52 chevy), RVing, family


I ride a 1980 mx175 yamaha. I love to ride with my grandchildren and play like i am still in my 20's (except a bit slower) we spend a lot of weekends at johnson valley ca.

Most notibly the 1st barstow to vegas. Broke 3 shocks, ran off edge of ravine and got shut off after Soda dry lake bed.

What great memories of a time of excitement, friends and an open desert.