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Don Harris


Four Aces, Vikings

1963 to 1974

250 Honda, 650 Triumph, 250 Bultaco

250 Expert, 650 novice, Professional Junior (called Amateur in those days)

#10 LTW. Expert 1968, 74x Ama Jr. 168 Hw. Desert Novice 1974

Marietta, Georgia

Umpire girls Fast Pitch Softball


Broke down in first desert race & Mike Patrick rode me out on the back of his 650 Norton with no rear tire. Worked on first Viking H&H (Virgin Voyage)& Lloyd Cox Memorial. Scouted the First ride down Four Aces downhill in Freemont Valley. Rode the last ever race at Prado Park.

My old friend, John Harrison, is lost & I would like to find him if any one knows his whereabouts. Also, does any one know how to find Roger Emons of the SideHack's?