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Dennis Greene


Anaheim Hi-Siders, HBMC

1971 to 1984 and a couple since

100 Baja, 100 zundapp,250 AJS,Montgomery Ward 360 Mojave,250 CZ, 250 Harley, 900cc Harley Sportster,250 and 400 yamaha,450,480,600 hondas,175 Cam Am qualifier

T,C,X,open DRA and distict37

I don't even remember

Sky Valley (Desert Hot Springs) ,California

Flying,Riding my Horse


CRF 450, 600R dual sport, '97 250wr, and my vintage stuff, Harley Wide Glide around town

They are all Highlights. My best friends today (Andy Kirker and Lee Scheffers) come from those times. The company I own came from contacts I made from Racing. The most fun I ever had was when I was scraping money together for a 325 21 Metzler to go racing or dualing with a guy for 30 miles only to find out it was John DeSoto or back to back 1st C bikes in the check chase (one by luck one by going fast). I can go on for ever, just ask my wife LOL.

We need to all make are voices heard in order to keep this great sport alive.