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Doug Fergus


child's membership in California Enduro Association

Mostly rode enduro's- started riding in 1968- stopped 1978

Zundapp 100, Yamaha Enduro 100,250,TT500, Bultaco Pursang, Matador 250's, Ducati 450

Ashland, OR

When I'm not running my heating & air conditioning business, I write & record songs, perform solo electric bass guitar and vocal. I've had some songs played on the radio, but just regional, small time stuff. The most money I've made with music so far- is a royalty check for radio play of $2.48!


Summer of 2001, I bought a 1970 Bultaco 250 Pursang which I restored and I ride ocassionally in vintage MX or even a modern bike cross country race up here in Oregon.

Watching my dad race when I was a little kid. Camping with Larry Bergquist and his family and watching my dad and Larry "play riding" (FAST!) Cheering when Bergquist, Poteet, Pfutzenreuter or any one on a Bultaco won a race overall. I was the youngest finisher in the 1976 Greenhorn Enduro. (15 years old)(no- I wasn't on a Bul, I rode a Yamaha!)

Like most of you have already said, The days of riding in the desert were the best of times. In the 70's- we lived in Crestline. We could ride out of our garage at home- all the way to Trona or Randsburg, turn around and go back to the spillway in Hesperia, and up the hill into Lake Arrowhead and back over to Crestline with hardly any paved roads... and do it in ONE DAY!

Be sure you check out my vintage page at... www.gas-it-n-go.com
Send me your old dez or MX pics! (Contact me first)