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Cathy Riddle


Pomona Valley Desert Riders & Desert Daisies


Kawasaki 100, Yamaha 175, Yamaha 250 mono-shock

Powder Puff, if available. Otherwise against you guys in my bike size.

Powder Puff #4, 1977

Agoura Hills, CA & Temecula CA

Photography, writing, my kids, my dogs, music


Just goof around on my trail bike. My brother, Chuck, still has race bikes that I ride occasionally.

I helped put on lots of races with PVDR, remember the Turkey Shoot? With the Desert Dasies my fav was watching you guys crashing at our "naked checkpoint." Narrowly won the Adelanto Grand Prix one year, THAT was fun! Pitted Barstow to Vegas for years, then they stopped it when I was finally old enough to ride. Boo. The Great Bear Grand Prix, finished one and rode the ambulance back at the other. Great memories!

This is a fun site!!! As a teen, I practically lived at Stoddard wells, Bell Mountain, Red Mountain, Lucerne Valley ... following the lime marks into camp. I'll read all your comments and remember more. I don't know most of you, but I remember the banners and feel a kinship. I recognize some names, especially Larry Roeseler. Introduced by a mutual friend at PVDR we rode together once, of course, I was "eating his dust."