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Bruce Conrad


Desert Knights

1971 to 1978


Heavy Weight

#22 Heavy Weight 1974

Torrance CA

Love to Travel the World. Was in Chile & Argentina this year.


Street, I have a 2004 BMW R1150RT for Long Coast to Coast type Rides. Artic Circle to the Bottom of South America. All over Europe Still Racing SCORE Baja 500 & 1000, Won class 12 Baja 2000 race, time was 44 hours non stop.

D-37 Desert Racing & the Desert Knights burn brightly in my memory. It was an exciting time and I did get to race before the BLM found us. I got to Start & Finish 5 Barstow to Vegas races & thought that was a big deal until I raced the B1K. Got to start D-37 races with 1000 riders on the start line.

Still married to Margaret[40years this year 2006] Restored my 1st Husqvarna that I purchases new from Bill Saltzman & it is on display in my office. I have a restored 1966 Husqvarna in my bedroom.