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Cliff Herington Jr.


Crestline Motorcycle Club

Approx. 1963 - 1974

250 Greeves Challenger, 250 Husquvarna, 400 Husquvarna

Novice 250 CC


Crestline, Ca. 92325 P O Box 3256


1968 Greeves 250, 1988 Harley Davidson Soft Tail FXSTC. 1986 XR600R, 2006 WR4504 Yamaha.

My son was the youngest finisher in the 1970 Barstow to Vegas. My son rode a Steen Hodaka. We have had too much fun riding on the back side of our mountains to get overly involved in racing.

1965 a bunch of us went cross
country from Crestline to the Pishgah Hilton. Then, on to Kelso and stayed over night at the Harvey House in Kelso. The Harvey house restaurant at the time was open 24 hours a day. The 2 pictures are: 1. Hill climbing 1965 st Honda valley on a Greeves challenger. 2. Racing at Deadmans point 1967. Hare Scrambles, put on by Dingas Watkins. "What a fun place that was. Wild and Crazy." This coming weekend about 12-15 riders, mostly from Crestline, are going from Crestline to Stateline in the dirt.

Our club, Crestline Motorcycle Club (CMC), was incorporated in 1963. I bought my first bike in 1947, a Harley Davidson 1935 DVL 80 cubic inch, police bike that I customized. I bought my first dirt bike from K&N when they were on 7th Street in Riverside, California. The mechanic who prepped the bike was a kid by the name of Malcolm Smith. The bike was a Greeves with a Villars engine. I believe that was in early 60'...