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Cameron Brewer



1998 - 2002

89 KX125, 97 KX125, 01 KX250 (Destry Abbott's 01 GP bike), 02 KX250

250 Expert, 250 Amateur, 125 Amateur

7x (2002-D37 250 Expert), N7X (2002-National Hare & Hound)

Laguna Niguel, CA

camping, off-roading, jet skiing, snowboarding


Still ride a little desert. No more motorcycle racing due to 3 broken vertebrae in 2001. I was very lucky to not suffer any paralyzation. I crashed as an ammie and got bumped to Expert. After my injury I recooperated and raced one more season of district and the nationals so I could try for a single digit number#. That was my goal.. a single digit national #, and I got it for the Natioanl Hare & Hounds and for D-37 desert. To say the least I was stoked.

Luke Dodson and I were dicing down the asphalt, towards a 90 degree turn at the Adelanto GP. I was barely in front and not really paying attention to how hot I was coming into the turn. I downshifted a few gears and back the bike into the turn and went into a slide. I was going so fast that the bike slid all the way across the street, sideways towards the curb. I gassed it enough to barely get the front wheel over the curb and closed my eyes. The back of the bike bucked so hard that it felt like it was above my head (it may have been, you'd have to ask Luke) It probably threw me 6 or 8 feet in the air and all I remember was panic rev. Somehow I pulled it and landed in a dirt lot, on my wheels. I was so ready to hit the ground that when I landed on my wheels I was confused and it took me a second to catch up with myself as to what had happened. When I looked back at the street Dodson had watched the whole thing and gave me a thumbs up. I got back on the asphalt and put my head down and started grabbin gears. The rest of the race I just kept lauging out loud to myself. Sometimes you just get lucky.

For the 2005 season I will be a co-driver racing MDR, SCORE and so me BITD in the trophy truck class. A somewhat healthier alternative to rag-dolling on a motorcyle.