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Chris Bengtsson



'70 -'75

Hodaka, Monarch

Novice Trailbike, Div II Amateur

73C in about '73-74

Simi Valley, CA

Golf, Camping


'04 Husky TC, '97 XR 400. 'O3 CR 230F, '87 XR 200, '94 Husky 350EXC.

Play riding and Enduros for me. Desert racing for my son. Any time I finished on my Hodaka. Hopetown GP, Deadmans Point or Baymare MX. Puttin on the Shamrock Enduro in the Angeles Forest in the early seventies, the pit area was Mt. Emma Rd. and Sierra Hwy. Any time in the Dez with the Shamrocks. Real Smoke Bombs. Watching (and hearing) Gene Smith tapped out coming into the pits on his Rickman Trimuph leading So Cal around '71. Riding So Cal down hill in '72 and many many more great memories!

Just recently got back into riding after 25+ years away. Some things have changed a lot and some haven't. The people are still great.