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Bill Staley - AMA Life Member# 693948

No email - just call (909) 877-5255

Pomona Valley, Rim Riders, Desert Rats, Brush Busters, Simi Valley


Ossa's, Pentons, a Yamaha, and currently a KTM. All 250's


Don't Remember

Rialto, CA

Metal Detecting, Gold Panning in San Gabriel Riverbed, Gold Jewelry Making via "Lost Wax Casting"


Enjoy Grand Prixs and Euro Scrambles. Last desert race took me 4 hours for one loop

BEST: The 500 mile Green Horn Enduros were my favorite and Barstow to Vegas races. WORST: Had a severe crash in 1993, was riding with Larry George and just didn't have the bike tracked on the lip of the trail. Was airlifted to Palm Springs. Broke my shoulder, was out a year.

I turned 80 years old in Feb. 2012. Spent most my life in a lab as an Engineer in Research & Development of electronic aerospace components at Aerojet in Irwindale and General Dynamics in Pomona. Retired in 1991. I have always enjoyed desert racing and it helped my mind relax.