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Bill Menchen

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1986 XC 400 Husqvarna, 1988 CR 430 Husqvarna

Open Novice, Open Intermediate, Open Vet Intermediate

V26 1993

Las Vegas, NV

Making Heavy Metal Music


I trail ride weekly in the tight technical desert hills near Jean, NV. Currently riding a 2002 KX 250

I remember winning my class at the 1992 Vikings Virgin Voyage. About 5 miles before the finish there was a pretty innocent looking hill. Not very tall, had a jeep road going up the middle of it. About half way up I came to a stand still, and I was pretty tired. It was like a field of marbles on very hard concrete like ground. I looked down the hill and the guy running second in my class was about 50 feet behind me. I fired back up and tried to take off, the tire just spun, even with me standing next to the bike. I started literally pushing to get going up the hill, my chest was burning I was so tired. The course took a right and went straight over the side of that hill down a giant pile of boulders. Grabbed the last check and took off like a maniac to the finish. The guy who was a stones throw behind me on that hill (second in my class) ended up 11 places back at the finish. I heard later in the pits they threw the hill out a half an hour after I went over because it got so bad nobody could go up it. That's the only time I ever heard of something like that.

I'm on Facebook. I have some bike pics and racing photos. Check 'em out