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Bobby Foxworth



305 Honda, Triumph 650cc TR6, 360 Husky, Yamaha YZ 465, Husky 400, Yamaha 360

43 - 1969?



I finished 3rd "OVER ALL" at the very first "HDRA Adleanto 200" OFF ROAD RACE in 1971 on a 650cc Triumph "TR6". And in 1968 I "won" the "OPEN NOVICE" class (4) four months "in a row" on a 650cc Triumph "TR6"

I worked for Bud Ekins from 1965 until Bud sold his business in 1973. I built EVERY Triumph "Rickman" that was sold out of Bud's shop. Built both of Steve McQueen's 650cc Triumph "Rickmans".And I'm the ONLY person to ever race a 250cc "Husky" on the "Half Mile" at "Ascot Raceway" in Gardena, CA. I'm one of the "founding members" of the "CHECKERS OFF ROAD RACING TEAM". In 1974 I got into racing "Off Road Cars". I Won the 1977 "MINT 400" in a "Class 5 CAR", and finished in the "TOP 5" in almost every race I entered, until I retired from racing in 1980. I drove "Class 9" and "Class 1"( Unlimited Single Seaters) cars except the "one" time I raced the "Class 5 Car" at the "MINT 400"