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Billy Dean aka "Bill Elam"


Rams MC, Desert Knights


250 Husky, 250 YZ

Men's LWI and Vet's LWI

V8X in 1979

Tehachapi, CA

Hiking, Running, Riding, Writing, Web Design


Trail riding and geocaching on a Husky TE-250

My last race, the 1981 Check Chase, was perhaps the most memorable. Finished 15th overall, 1st 250 Vet Expert. But those years will never be finished -- I still miss the respect and friendship of people who rode their bikes to a starting line and waited for a banner to drop. Click HERE for my memoir of the 1981 Check Chase.

The District now hosts my old website of photos, finisher pins, results, history and so forth of Dist 37 desert racing... the banner is up minisite

My personal website is now... www.qwertyportne.com