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Bill Brokaw


Foothill Hawks, So Cal Trials Club, Rams, & Pico Hornets way back

1949 - 1964

AJS, Matchless, Triumph, Francis Barnett.

Whatever the top class was at the time.

Can't remember. Not high however.

Colorado Springs, CO since 1965

What else is there?


Gas Gas Pampera for the trails just replaced my KTM. Suzuki DR650 for dual sport and daily transport. Yamaha FJ1200 for pavement pounding.My wife and riding buddy, Annie, has the same line up. A '65 Greeves and '68 DT1 for museums.

3 years #1 trials rider. Overalled the last two enduros I rode before moving to Colorado. Overalled Viewfinders Hare Scrambles at Corona. 8th at Catalina 100 miler. 10th in Big Bear H&H. Chaired the D37 Sports Committee 2 years '60 & '61 I recall. Working layout for the Jack Ass Enduro for years was high adventure. Racing Catalina was just a highlight of my life.

At '72 I must say youth is still good. I no longer compete because I am not stupid. But big rocks and fast trails, on the pegs, are still a blast.