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Desert Racing Highlights
Bernie Brawner


Cactus Cats


125 250 yamaha yz's 490 yamaha It

125 Bg.Nov. 250 Bg.Nov


Dana Point ca

Surfing, Fishing, Boating, Raising kids


04 Honda XR400 was off a few years like about 20 started riding GPs last year.But the desert is what I miss hope to start doing some Dist37 this year.

It was a early February, and there was snow on the ground in Lucurne. We Cactus Cats were putting on a race and we were running a check point. And here came Roeseler & Ogilvie riding Harleys. They were flat doing it side by side. As they slid to a stop, they were yelling "Me first! Me first!" Tanks were marked and off they went. It was an experience to watch these two going that fast. Knowing now them as legends now...