Name Adrian Ahuero
Club Lost Coyotes and currently Vikings M.C.
Years Raced throughout my life on and off since age 12 in 1974
Desert Racing Highlights Other than seeing everyone advance but me, I would like to say that it was great to see all the hot riders from A.C. Bakken, Mitch Mayes, Larry Roeseler to the current hot riders Ty Davis etc etc keep all of us entertained.  All I can say is it's been a major part of my life (desert racing)
Bike(s) Raced 250 pursang, 395KTM, 250 Husky, 490 yammie(mono) 360 El bandito (remember them?) currently 93' 500 KX
Class(es) Raced Beginner and Novice Vet Open and Intermediate Senior Open
Lowest D37 Number Held Not low enough to mention
Current Residence Anaheim, CA
Current Hobbies Camping with family (Pismo a definite yes), Golf
Do you still ride motorcycles? Yes - barely
If yes, elaborate 1993 500 KX 500 Desert racing D-37 AMA
Comments All I have to say is that life can end tomorrow and because of district 37 and my family I have lived to the fullest LIFE!!!!
Last Bio Update March 10, 2007

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