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Philip Stroud


Sidewinders M/C

1966 to 1970

Hodakas Bulltaco Sacchs

100 cc


I build hot rods and anything off road

I have a few pic and a 8mm film of some hare scrambles around Robbers Roost The pics are of Steve McQueen and his Rickman somewhere around Cal City ? Around 1966 ??

I just found your website I spent a lot of my younger days chasing Jack Morgan !! I would even buy his "port timed barrels" for my Hodaka trying to catch him !!!? What fun !!! Is he still alive ? We started and AMA Club in Trona ca called SIDEWINDERS M/C We were given race date early Feb 66 to 69 Just North of Red Mountain ...in Teagle Wash near Searles Station We teamed with Ridgecrest Ca. SANDBLASTERS M/C in 1969 a had DUAL EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES ... I just remember we got a few compliments from Dist 37 on our course We thru the 1st races that far North !