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Jim Long



1952-1954, 1958, 1969-1976 District 37, 1976-1990 Colorado

BSA B34, BSA Clipper, 69 Suz TS250, 71 Suz TS250, 73 TS400, 77 Hodaka Thunder Dog 250, 80 Suz PE175, 82 Hercules 250, 83 Cagiva 190 Enduro, 84 Cagiva WMX 190, 86 Yamaha YZ

1954-1964 Dist 37 Novice, 1968-1970 Dist 35 A Enduro, 1970-1976 Dist 37 A Enduro, Novice Desert., 1977-1996 Dist 25, A Enduro, Vet B, Senior A Super Senior A.

# 1, SRAC Super Senior.

I ride an E-Bike (some) Play on the Computer, Active with my Veterans Club.

I can say that I did compete in the Catalina GP in 53. My 1st trophy was an 8th over all in the Cactus Derby in 54. While in the Army I got to ride the 58 Big Bear H&H. I was coached in the early 50s by Aub LeBard. 54-76 US Army, not much but I did get to ride the B to B in 71,72 & 73. best finish as an Nov. 72 (I think), Then Colorado Local races with SRAC Making expert in MX as a Vet, Senior & Super Senior.

My Dad was a rider and desert competitor, He won the Flintlock Enduro in 53. Was President of Orange County Motorcycle Club in (I think) 52 & 53. He Passed in 58 age 43. I have had an AMA card since 1945, I became a charter life member in 1965. I have ridden with the best of them off on on. I did get to work with Ricky Johnson while he was working out after his damaged wrist in 1989 eveh got him to act as my pit guy at a super cross in Colorado Springs one year. I had a FIM licence in France in 1961-63, I have had the opportunity to compete in sport cars, I did Paris to Dakar in a Mini in 62 while stationed in France. and have even raced on the Le Mans course in a local race., So I have always been and still am a racing enthusiast. But the desert and motorcycles are my thing.