Lowest Number

Current Hobbies

Racing Highlights

Checkers (250)

1967 to 1970

Hodaka and Husky

Trail, then 250 in 1968

49X in 1970

In 1983 I discovered mountain bikes and was an instrumental part in forming one of the worlds most famous underground mountain bike clubs … the Laguna RADS … a club based on many Checker traditions.

Begin the trail bike class as an Antelope Rambler but became a member of the Checkers in 1968 when I began racing the 250 class. Obtained amature status. Never a “star”, but I did manage one top ten and a couple of top twenty’s. Racing D-37 during those years was one of the most enjoyable periods of my life … it was what I consider to be the “Golden Age” of D-37. I am very proud that I am a Checker... something that you have to work for... something that becomes a real part of your life... it has to do with the attitude with which one attacks life!