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D. G. Hovore


Four Aces. Desert Knights

1971 - 1974

Ossa 250 Stiletto. Yamaha 360 mx. Husky 360 mx

250 Novice Motocross and Open Novice Desert

1294 Desert

Hunting. Fishing. Mountain Trail Riding all year round.

Started with motocross at Indian Dunes.Went out to first desert race in 1971 and got the bug.The best group of people in the sport.Finished the 1972 Barstow to Vegas with a second hand Ossa in the top 150 of the 250 novice class. Amazing the bike held together. Those old bikes beat the crap out of themselves and us. I have ridden with two alumni listed riders from the the Desert Knights. Both outstanding men who mentored the crazy kid on the Ossa. Really enjoyed riding sweep and helping out the broken riders.Best sweep ever was Baja 1000.

I never was a top notch racer but had an incredible fun time with a minimum of broken body parts.A lifetime of great memories.