MAY 1934 – SEPT 1996

Gary Griffin was one of the most committed and successful off road motorcycle racers. In reviewing District 37 racing numbers for the Men’s Lightweight Division, his most successful years were 1968 through 1972, when he was 34 to 38 years of age. He rode a Bultaco 250 cc for the 5 years in which his plate numbers were...

1968 – 2x... 1969 - 2x... 1970 - 8x... 1971 - 5x... 1972 - 3x

During these five years, he won four of these events, which no other rider achieved during this period. In 1969, when Gary was No. 2, his fellow Buzzard, Larry Bergquist, (a Hall of Fame Member) was No. 1. In the “Banner is Up” website, again, Gary was shown to consistently score high in the top 21 year period, (1960 – 1980).

The 1969 NORRA Baja race, Gary Griffin and Jack Froelich won 2nd place in this tortuous and grueling race. We don’t know what they were riding, but probably a Bultaco. That same year, Gary Preston and Larry Bergquist came in 2nd on a 360 Bultaco.

Gary’s working career included a partnership in a U S Navy in Lighter than Air (blimps), and a partnership with Neil Fergus of Fergus & Griffin Bultaco motorcycle shop.

Gary’s first love was motorcycle racing.