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John Greenewald




650 Triumph & 400 Cross Husqvarna

Heavyweight Desert-Novice

#327 in 1969

Retired from Rocketdyne, being free with my wife enjoying kids and grand kids.

Never joined a club, always wanted to. Raced in the 1968 and 69 Barstow to Vegas race, plus many weekend races. Raced the Ponderosa many times. Raced desert on my 650 Triumph, switched to Motocross with my husky until 72, when I started cow trailing only. I was engine builder and tuner for my best friends vintage Hindle Triumph, for the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, earning 2-2nd place, and 2 3rd place finishes. Still have my 71 Husky, and building a replica of my old Triumph desert bike.

Worked as service manager, head mechanic for several San Fernando Valley dealerships, 1968-80, when I left industry for Aerospace working as a welder for Rocketdyne 30 years. Dealers were Heller cycles, Encino Cycles, and Universal cycles. I currently have a retirement business manufacturing special tools for vintage motorcycles. Engine assembly stands, wheel truing stands, selling many tools for Triumphs under the name greeneysgarage, on Ebay and the internet. Best Friends since childhood with Mike Pearlman, owner of NORRA, founded by his father Ed. Pearlman. As kids we grew up around Jeeps and off roading, and motorcycles.