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Lee Caldwell


Desert Foxes


100cc Bultaco....yes, there was such a thing.


13T, 1973. Was #5 but did a 70mph endo out by Four Corners. Thank you Rescue 3!

1/10 scale RC car off-road racer and product tester for Team Losi Racing.

I loved the 100cc trailbike class, and looked up to all the trail bike greats: Jack Morgan, Don Eide, Terry Clark, Mitch Mays the list goes on and on.... One high point was passing Larry Rosler in the rocks, low point Larry passing me back in a fast section a gear faster than I could ride.

The picture posted is coming up out of a sand wash out by Ridgecrest. There was a 40mph cross wind an I took off from the left side of the trail and the wind took me six feet off the right side of the trail. My handlebar went right over the photographers head.