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Floyd Burk Jr


Cactus Cats

1965 thru 1973

Honda 90, Hodaka, Kawasaki Greenstreek Jr., Kawasaki 250 Enduro, CZ

Trail Bike, Lightweight


Toyama Ryu Batto-do Kenjutsu - ie Military Style Japanese Swordsmanship

Earning #4x while learning that consistancy pays off. Earning a sponsorship from Factory Kawasaki to be George Walker's riding partner in the Mint 400 Desert Rally. While the race didn't turn out well, I enjoyed the process. The last time I rode the Greenhorn Enduro (age 16) after turning in my time card in Pasaden, it somehow became lost by the event staff. Always wondered how it would have turned out.

The greatest times were doing pre race riding with my dad, Floyd Sr., then sitting down for some of my moms (Wanda) grub. Then kicking back by the camp fire and chin wagging with Brooks, Honeter and all the other Cactus Cats.