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Bob Brownell


San Gabriel Valley Motorcycle Club

1965 - 1977 B to V in 1988

1965 Hodaka, 1967 Bultaco 175, 1969 Yamaha 250, 1970 Yamaha 250, 1971 Husqvarna 400, 1972 Yamaha DT-2MX, 1972 Husqvarna 250 WR, 1973 CZ 250, 1974 Husqvarna 250 Mag.

100cc Trailbike, 175 Novice, 250 Nov. AM & Expert, Open Amature & Expert

31T 82x

Trying to Move Back to the Southwest USA from Missouri AKA MISERY is my Life's Biggest Goal now!!!

2nd 125, 11th Motorcycle Overall, 16th Vehicle Overall in the 1976 BAJA 1,000 with John Townsend. 5th 125, 11th Motorcycle Overall in the 1972 BAJA 1,000 with Jim Bringhurst. In 1988, I came from Colorado to Ride & Finish Barstow to Vegas. I had always had to Work On B to V because I was in S.G.V.M.C. The Shock of my Life was Winning the 1st Ever Motorcycle Roadrace that I entered in Aspen, Colorado, when I Moved to Colorado in 1977. I had a Great Career Road Racing Motorcycles in Colorado & Utah from 1977 thru 1990.

Racing District 37 Desert Races from 1965 thru 1977 was 1 of the Biggest & Best Adventures of my life!!! Oh to have a Time Machine!!! Take Care & God Bless!!! Sincerely, Bob "Dr. Bob" Brownell