Riders Meeting

The Add Your Bio process is designed to make it easy for both you and the Webmaster to add your profile and photo to the Alumni directory. Here's how it goes when you don't crash, break down or get a flat:

The success page is your finish line. We put your bio and photo together and post them in the Alumni Directory. In a few days, you go back to the Alumni directory, find your name, click it and enjoy your Bio. That's your finish pin.

But we haven't danger marked every place where you can lose the ribbon and get off course. If that happens, you could set your bike on fire like they did in On Any Sunday and hope we see your cry for... HELP! Or avoid that ugly scenario in the first place...

★ Make sure your first and last names are on the forms before you click Submit. We need your full name to avoid confusing your Bio or your Photo with somebody else's.
★ Make sure your photo is in the JPEG or JPG format before you click Upload. The JPEG format is the default format on must cameras, but if you click browse and select your photo, then see some extension other than .jpeg or .jpg in the Browse window...